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Harrison Ford at Nyaru Menteng

On the 13th of April it's time for the U.S. premiere of the breathtaking documentary series "Years of Living Dangerously". In the first episode Mr. Harrison Ford himself meet our star Lone Dröscher Nielsen at her rehabilitation center Nyaru Menteng. Read more...


Small loans make a big difference for the women of the rainforest

Loan-saving groups have made rainforest women entrepreneurs with long-term and sustainable goals. Read about the small loans, which have made a big difference for the women of in one of Borneo's most poor and vulnerable areas, an area that also is home to 3,000 wild orangutans. Read more...


The fight for the rainforest

Save the Orangutan is primarily working to save the orangutan, which otherwise would have become extinct as a consequence of the extensive deforestation. But we also work proactively to slow down the deforestation of the last remnants rainforest, so that the Bornean orangutan and other animal species have a home in the future. Read more...


Anniversary at Bukit Batikap

On the 28th of February was is exactly two years since the very first group of semi-wild orangutans was released in the protected rainforest area Bukit Batikap. Since then, the four pioneers have multiplied, put down roots and paved the way for another 119 newcomers. Read more...


Welcome home!

What a great start of the new year! During the last weekend 20 orangutans from the rehabilitation center Nyaru Menteng finally returned to their natural habitat, the rainforest. The protected rainforest Bukit Batikap is now home to 119 orangutans. Read more...


The 8th round of releases

Nyaru Menteng is once again ready to release a new group of former pet orangutans in a protected rainforest area. The twenty orangutans will begin their lives back in the wild on 7 - 8 February. Both the centre's very first occupant and several stars from 'Orangutan Island' are among the lucky orangutans that will be enjoying life in the protected forest Bukit Batikap. Read more...


Releases across Borneo

The seventh release of orangutans from Nyaru Menteng at the end of the year differed from the previous ones. Three of the seventeen orangutans from the center in the middle of Borneo were released in Borneo's easternmost province. Read more...


News about Sura

In November, we told the story of brave little orangutan named Sura , who had lost his mother and several fingers. Now, a few months and a severe cold later, we are luckily able to follow up the story with some positive news.


New Project Manager at Nyaru Menteng

In December 2013, Nyaru Menteng hired a new Project Manager. Read more about Denny Kurniawan. Read more...


Illegal trade in great apes has become an industry

The UN's environmental organization UNEP has recently published a report that documents that the trading in orangutans, chimpanzees, gorillas and bonobos is growing rapidly. Read more...